Tips on Cleaning BBQ Cooking Utensils and Grill Grates

Author: Mosquito Squad of Waukesha County & Milwaukee North Shore

Keep your grilled food tasting great by keeping your grill grates and utensils clean. Always check the owners guide for specifics of your items.  Here are a few great cleaning tips you may want try:

Before you start – ALWAYS make sure items are cool so you don’t burn yourself!


  1. Wash utensils after every use to avoid cross contamination
  2. Use special care when cleaning – not everything can go in the dish washer=)
  3. Dip tips in bleach water to sanitize.
  4. Use a rag or sponge – Brillo pads can scratch your utensils
  5. Air Dry – this can help avoid rust spots for areas with hard water.


  1. Clear grill grates by preheating for a few minutes.
  2. Scrape away leftover derbies  with a brush
  3. If your grates need additional care – when they are cool, soak them in soapy water for an hour and then scrub with a brush. Oven Cleaner may help with stubborn spots.
  4. Clean food particles off hood and exterior after every use -make sure you’ re grill is cool.
  5. Remove all soot and grease from hood
  6. Give everything a good rinse.

Steamers are another great way to blast off the grime that can build up.

Now you’re  all set to get it dirty again -we recommend starting with our delicious BBQ sauce recipe – check out our post on Lip Smacking BBQ Sauce.

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