Live Free. Mosquito Free. Stink Free. And Citronella Free.

Living in Minnesota, where the mosquito happens to be the state bird, you are probably quite familiar with a multitude of mosquito control options. If it exists, you’ve probably tried it at one point or another, in an attempt to make the short summer more enjoyable. While you may have found a few methods that work, some that kind of work and others that absolutely don’t work, you certainly found that all of those temporary mosquito control or mosquito repellent methods are a huge hassle in some way shape or form. At Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, we want you to enjoy your outdoor time with no preparation, no stinky mist, no hassles & most importantly, no mosquitoes!

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Lemongrass, Citronella, geraniums (mosquito shoo), and lavender are just some of the plants that promise to bring mosquito relief. While some work to an extent and other’s do not, they offer limited protection to the small area immediately surrounding them. Are you prepared to spend the entire summer barbecue huddled up close to the stinky citronella plant? More importantly, are you prepared to make all of your landscaping design choices based on plants that repel mosquitoes versus flowers and shrubbery that you love and adore?

Mosquito Spray, Candles & Oils

We admit that mosquito mist with Deet is a great method for deterring mosquitoes and ticks while in untreated areas. But, we all know too well how stinky and annoying the mist can be. When misting children they inevitably rub it into their eyes, or when you’re having a backyard party, it can be embarrassing to ask your guests to mist themselves. When at home, you should enjoy your yard anytime, day or night, without having to stop and mist yourself with stinky substances.

Tiki torches filled with citronella oil and citronella candles are a popular method of mosquito deterrent. While there can be some success with these methods it, like the plants is in a small area near the item. During a long afternoon and evening barbecue, these items can melt away and be used up before the night is over. With the candles, it is one and done. With tiki-torches, you’ll have to haul out a jug of oil and refill the canisters. Leaving you with a mess on your hands, your table, your patio and everywhere in between. Make your backyard mosquito free with no hassles by calling Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities.

Our most popular mosquito control service, mosquito barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard for up to 3 weeks. That is three weeks of no mist, no candles, no hassles & no mosquitoes. Best of all, sign up for the season and we’ll come back every 2-3 weeks all summer long to keep your yard pest-free for your enjoyment. Call today! (763) 703-1616