Be Kind to Your Neighborhood Bats - They are Protecting You From Minnesota’s Vicious Mosquitoes

Have you noticed the upswing of the number of bat houses around the neighborhood? Maybe you don’t know what you are looking for. A bat house looks like a birdhouse but it sits higher in the sky, mostly towards the back of the yard. You’ve seen them I’m sure. But now you may wonder why anyone would want to attract bats to their yard? Aren’t they just rodents?

Well, actually not exactly. Bats are more related to humans and primates than they are to rodents. Bats are also very clean animals. They groom themselves a bit like cats, keeping their fur soft and clean.

There are many types of bats with different interesting features such as the giant flying fox (fruit bat) of Indonesia that has a wingspan of nearly 6 feet. The bats that we are mostly interested in are little brown bats. This is because they are the most common bats in North America and because they can eat up to about 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. 1000 mosquitoes… that’s a big meal! No matter what you thought of bats before, creepy even gross maybe, this has got to be an immediate mind changer! This single fact is a great reason to be kind to bats. Don’t be so quick to chase them out of your sheds and barns. You might not like dealing with the bugs that replace them.

Bats Aren’t Enough To Stop ALL the Mosquitoes

Yes, we are urging you to be kinder to the bat population and appreciate their ability to rid the sky of thousands of mosquitoes. However, we don’t want you to think that’s enough. It’s still terribly important for us all to do all we can to lower the mosquito population. Especially here in Minnesota where the population is so heavy. We’ve all got to do our parts by keeping our yards and communities free of standing water and all the places that promote mosquito breeding. And even still this won’t be enough.

Professional mosquito control is a necessity. Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities has the treatment plan that can make this necessity a stress free event for you. Our trained technicians mist our guaranteed mosquito barrier treatment every three weeks and eliminate up to 90% of existing mosquitoes, continuing to keep that number constant all mosquito season. Call us today and we can get that plan in motion. We will take the help from the bats though!