How Fast Can Minnesota Ticks Cover You?

It is a gross question and I can’t imagine that anyone wants to set out to find the answer. Unfortunately, for a group of adults and a couple of dogs they’ve found an answer for us, although definitely not on purpose. Warning: this little anecdote from the Bristol Herald Courier is likely to give you the willies and possibly even the heebee jeebees.

A Minnesota Tick Surplus

Recently Anthony and Genna Souffle, along with their friend Aaron Lavinsky a photojournalist from the Star Tribune, packed up and decided to take their two dogs on a camping and hiking adventure in Glacial Lakes State Park. They checked in with the park ranger as they unpacked their stuff getting ready to hike into their campsite and he warned them the ticks were out in full force, but they didn’t think much of it.

When they arrived at the site about two miles in they realized one of the dogs was covered in ticks. At least 20 of them. As they picked them off of her they noticed that they were surrounded by prairie grass and they could actually see the ticks everywhere. They decided to head back to the parking lot and try to find a camping spot in another direction. When they made it to the car the dog was covered again. Then another hike in another direction, set up camp, check the dogs… 20 or 30 more ticks. They did decide to stay but woke up during the night to find ticks crawling on them, despite the repellent with DEET they were wearing. Needless to say, the next morning they packed it in and gave up. Total tick coverage… about 100 in less than 24 hours. Souffle, a seasoned hiker, said he’d never seen anything like it.

Don’t Let Ticks Ruin Your Outdoor Fun

While of course there is no way to control what’s going on out in the woods, you can certainly make sure that your pets aren’t encountering anything like this at home in your own backyard. You don’t want them being introduced to the diseases that ticks carry and you certainly don’t want them to be the vessel that escorts a hundred ticks into your home, even if it is 20 at a time.

At Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, we can help you avoid all of that. First, follow our 6Cs of tick proofing your yard. By cleaning up and clearing out you are removing the places that ticks love to hide. Eliminating their habitat is the first step to eliminating the ticks. But you don’t have to go it alone.

We have a tick elimination service that is guaranteed to eliminate 85-90% of the existing adult ticks in your yard.

We start with our barrier treatment. Trained technicians come out every 2-3 weeks and methodically mist our treatment in the areas ticks are most likely to hide. It not only kills on contact, it continues to eliminate ticks until the next treatment.

The second step of our elimination system is our tick tubes. Twice a year our technicians will strategically place tubes full of treated cotton in your yard. Mice then take the cotton to build their nests. Nymph ticks that are hatched in these nests never even make it out into your yard due to the treated cotton, poisonous only to the ticks and not the mice.

This two-stage tick control system not only eliminates ticks in your yard today, but it keeps them from repopulating it in the future. Call us today and let us help you do everything you can to keep your family, your pets, and yourself protected from ticks and the diseases that they carry. Also keeping the willies and heebee jeebees at bay.