What Types of Mosquitoes are in Minnesota?

There are 51 types of mosquitoes that exist in Minnesota. Dave Neitzel, an epidemiologist at the Minnesota Department of Health spoke with the MinnPost about mosquitoes and the Zika virus. Neitzel says that of the 51 species about 24 bite humans for their blood. Mosquitoes are so prevalent here that while being called the state bird is a joke, it’s a joke that every resident across the state gets.

Mosquitoes and Disease

In the midst of all these mosquitoes, there is a positive: the mosquitoes most common here in Minnesota, don’t carry disease. Mosquito species here are considered spring or summer mosquitoes. Spring mosquitoes only produce one generation per year. The adults can live three to four months.

Summer mosquitoes do not live more than a few weeks, but they can produce several generations over the summer months. Just because mosquito-borne illness isn’t common in Minnesota doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

West Nile virus can be transmitted to humans here. It is carried by the Culex tarsalis mosquito. The mosquito gets the disease from birds and passes it on to humans. The Aedes albopictus or Asian Tiger mosquito has also made its presence known in Minnesota over the past three decades. This type of mosquito carries Zika, dengue, chikungunya, West Nile, and encephalitis. Encephalitis is more common in animals than humans, but it has been transmitted to humans in Minnesota according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Still, transmission of most of these diseases in Minnesota is low.

Protection from Sheer Annoyance

Just because you are less likely to get sick from a mosquito bite here, doesn’t mean getting bitten is ok. With the intensity of our mosquito season if you get bitten once you might get bitten 10 times. Nothing is as annoying and even itchy to the point of pain, as excessive mosquito bites. The best thing to do is simply avoid mosquitoes. Protective clothing and insect repellent are the first steps in avoiding bites when you are in the untreated outdoors.

However, for any chance of enjoying your outdoor living spaces at home, you are going to need to call the professionals to aid in your protection plan. At Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities, our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates 90% of mosquitoes on contact. Our trained technicians will meticulously and methodically treatment throughout your yard in the places that mosquitoes gather most. The treatment continues to work for 2-3 weeks, until your next scheduled treatment. Don’t let this “state bird” that’s not a bird at all, just a buzzing pest, keep you from enjoying the outdoors this summer. Call Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities today and let us help take care of any mosquito problems you might have… even before you have them. 

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