Season Long Mosquito & Tick Control is Essential for Maximizing A Minneapolis Pest-Free Outdoor Lifestyle

Mosquitoes and ticks don’t wait until you are ready for them to come out each spring. As soon as the weather allows, they are ready to go. Adult ticks are out for a good part of the winter as long as there is not too much snow. While larvae molt over winter and emerge in late spring as nymphs, which is when you will experience what seems like an ambush of ticks. Spring is also when mosquitoes will begin to grow in numbers provided the weather is amicable.

Why Is Spring Mosquito Treatment Important?

Mosquito populations grow swiftly in the right conditions. Once the weather warms up, as long as females have blood for producing eggs and a water source to lay the eggs, you’ll see a few mosquitoes turn into hundreds in a week and thousands in two. As each female can lay up to 300 eggs at one time and an average of 1 week for those eggs to develop into blood-sucking adult mosquitoes, you can see how quickly mosquito populations can grow. With early treatment, you can keep mosquito populations down, which limits population growth significantly.

How To Avoid the Spring Onslaught of Nymph Ticks

Ticks are a slightly different story in regards to keeping populations down. With a longer life-cycle than mosquitoes, we need to deploy year-long tick control efforts for maximum effectiveness. During peak questing season (spring to fall) we’ll use our traditional barrier treatment for eliminating adult ticks who are seeking their blood meal from humans and larger mammals. But twice a year we need to use tick tubes to eliminate nymph and larval ticks before they have a chance to spread the diseases they pick up from their rodent hosts.

Nymph ticks are very tiny and come out in large numbers in the spring, searching for a blood meal. Nymph ticks are the best at spreading disease because they are so small. Tick tubes provide treated cotton to their rodent hosts. This cotton eliminates larval and nymph ticks in rodent dens before they emerge in spring looking for a new host. With consistent use of tick tubes and barrier treatment, you won’t see the army of nymph ticks emerge the way you may have this spring.

Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. With the season-long use of barrier treatment and twice yearly tick tubes, you’ll enjoy as much as 90% fewer mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Call today to sign up now; it’s never too early to prepare for a pest-free summer season.