Mosquito Season in Minneapolis: It All Depends on the Weather

Have you been enjoying fewer than average mosquitoes at your Twin Cities home this summer? Then you may also be complaining about the lower than average temperatures too! When it comes to the severity of the mosquito season in Minnesota, the weather has everything to do with it.

Why Are Their Fewer Mosquitoes Regardless of Above Average Rain?

One of the more common mosquito species in our area, Culex tarsalis is a carrier of West Nile Virus. This mosquito, like most, requires water to grow its population. But what gets the population spreading fast is the temperatures. Spring and early summer rain, plus late summer (August) heat, can result in a massive population of this mosquito, which is when West Nile Virus cases begin to pop up.

While you may have been frustrated with the lack of swimming weather this August as we spent a few weeks in the 60’s, there is a payoff. What typically are the dog days of summer were cooler than average, resulting in fewer mosquitoes than normal. So far, the West Nile virus cases are fewer, and as long as temperatures stay cool, it should remain that way.

Stay Cautious

Don’t forget! Mosquitoes only need about a week or less to grow from egg to adult when the weather is hot. So if we get a late onset of the end-of-summer heat, we could be looking at a short-lived surge in mosquitoes, which could spread West Nile virus during that time.

Stay cautious, especially when the weather warms back up, by using mosquito safety methods to avoid mosquito bites. While out and about, keep skin covered or use a mist repellent on exposed skin. At home, don’t cause yourself undue hassles with sprays, candles, and other methods that don’t work. Call Mosquito Squad of Minneapolis; we’ll make every week of every summer, no matter what the temperature, feel like a mosquito-free summer! 

Source: WCCO West Nile Cases Down Thanks To Cooler Temps