Meet the Squad: The Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities Introduces Dawn Callander

At Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, we owe our satisfied clients to our amazing Squad of highly-trained professional technicians and office staff. To that end, we want you to get to know The Squad. They are a talented crew of unique individuals who come together as a team in the summer to help the Minneapolis and St. Paul area enjoy outdoor living mosquito free and tick free. As a customer recently told Dawn on the phone:

“I don’t know who does the hiring of your crews, but they need a raise. The young men out here are polite, courteous, respectful and articulate and a great representative for your company.”

We couldn’t agree more! We love our crew and like Dawn always says, “It really is a family.”

Meet Dawn Callander, your first contact when you need mosquito control or tick control service in the Twin Cities. Dawn is happy to set up new clients, answer questions, schedule a respray or adjust your treatment schedule as needed. Everyone loves to talk to Dawn, and she loves talking to them. When you call, you’ll know why right away. Her cheery personality and customer care shines through immediately, and her deep knowledge of Mosquito Squad’s services makes her a valuable asset for all callers.

Dawn Callander
Dawn and “My Buddy Dread”

Dawn grew up in West Iowa and is consistently and playfully getting plenty of flack about it from the crew and office staff at Mosquito Squad. She has lived in St. Paul for about ten years now. While she is not admitting to being a Minnesota Vikings fan just yet, she will confess to possessing the best seat for the week’s big game; a cozy spot on her couch with better popcorn and milder temperatures than the U.S. Bank Stadium.

If Dawn ever has a bit of free time during mosquito season, she does enjoy catching a St. Paul Saints baseball game. She also loves the outdoor concerts found all summer long at the parks around the lakes.

Dawn is dedicated to staying healthy by working out daily. She makes her way to the gym at 4:30-5am to get her work out in before work when the gym is quiet, and there is no waiting in line for equipment.

Dawn is the proud mother of 3 grown children who have all spread their wings, living in various states across the country. At one point they each lived in a different time zone, making it perfect for Dawn to have a 7 pm call with each of them in sequence at 7 pm in their time zones. Dawn’s pride and joy are her five grandbabies. Not meant to be a long-distance Grandma, Dawn is thankful for facetime helping to keep them close!

Dawn has had a front row seat since the early days of Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, making her extremely proud of the growth and success of the company. She is great at selling Mosquito Squad services because, as she put it “It’s easy to sell something you believe in.” She takes great pride in promoting Mosquito Squad and sister companies Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, not only because of the quality product but also because of the “integrity” and dedication to “giving customers great service” that is ingrained company-wide.

Stay tuned for more entries in our Meet the Squad series and be sure to razz Dawn about her growing up in Iowa when you call.