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Mosquito Look-A-Likes

Mosquito Looking Bugs

You are sitting outside on your deck and see a small bug flying around or you get that bite with an itchy bump on your knee. You automatically assume it is a mosquito that is the culprit, but you may be wrong. In the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem area of North Carolina, there are a couple of flying bugs, and ones that bite, that are not mosquitoes.


Here are three examples of Mosquito like flying insects that may be in your backyard:


Crane Fly

This is a flying insect that you often see in the Spring and looks like a giant mutant mosquito. They hang around doors and garages and have a scary appearance, but they are actually pretty harmless. They don’t bite and are mostly just a nuisance.




These small mosquito looking insects are probably the most mistaken. Adults are usually seen at dusk “swarming” in clouds in your backyard. They can leave a small itchy bite. They have a very short life cycle that is just a week long at the most.


Fungus Gnats


These are also small and have a mosquito-like appearance. They have a similar body type but are not dangerous to people or pets. They are only wanting to get to your house plants to feed on the root system. They do not bite or carry disease.


If you do have mosquitoes on your property in the Triad area of North Carolina, contact the authority in mosquito control Mosquito Squad. Mosquito Squad can help eliminate these biting bugs and keep your family and pets safe from mosquitoes and ticks. Call us today at 336-617-5268 and get your first treat for $39 with the purchase of a season protection package of barrier treatments.

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