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What Makes Some People More Attractive To Mosquitoes Than Others?

What Makes Mosquitoes Like You?

You are at an outdoor event with many people around you. You are swatting yourself because you are being bit by mosquitoes while it seems others are hardly bothered at all. Why? What makes you more attractive to mosquito bites?

Is it how you look or what you wear? Is it your blood type? Is it your chemical makeup? Well, the truth is that it is a combination of all three. What you wear from clothing to perfume can affect your attraction to mosquitoes. Studies have found that your blood type may also be a factor. Even your skin bacteria and the levels of chemicals your body produces can contribute.

Only the female mosquito bites you. They need a blood meal or a protein meal in order to lay their eggs. The males and females spend most of their time feeding off the sugars and nectars of the vegetation. The females sense the presence of animals around them and then go in for the bite!

Is it how you look or what you wear?

The clothes you wear are a big factor in the attraction of mosquitoes to you. Mosquitoes, in general, do not see very well, but they do see colors in how they retain heat. The more heat the better. They like heat retaining colors. These are dark and bright colors. So, it is best to wear white or very light colors that do not absorb as much heat.

Perfume and cologne can make you more likeable as well. Mosquitoes like floral scents. Which makes sense as they small the floral vegetation for food sources. So, a floral scented perfume makes you more attractive. It is a safe bet to wear a more musky perfume.

Is it your blood type?

This one is not something you can control, unfortunately, but your blood type will make you more attractive or less attractive to female mosquitoes. Studies have found that mosquitoes like the blood type “O”. Blood types “A” and “B” seem to be less tasty. If your blood type is “O”, you may need to take more precautions to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Is it your chemical makeup?

Mosquitoes sense carbon dioxide from animals and can pick it up from a 100 yards away. Higher amounts make the attraction higher. Pregnant women get more mosquito bites because they give off 21% more CO2 than other people. You are more attractive when you exercise because you are giving off an excess of CO2.

Your chemical makeup or natural body odor is also a key factor in the attraction. Your skin has bacteria and your body gives off chemicals that affect the odor you give off. Higher levels of lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia are more of an attraction. The levels of these chemicals increase with exertion and sweat.

Take these steps to minimize attraction and exposure to mosquitoes.

  1. Where light colored clothing

  2. Don’t wear perfume

  3. Minimize the amount of your exertion when possible

  4. Use an insect repellant. Especially one with Deet or Permethrin

  5. Use Mosquito Squad to eliminate 90% of the mosquitoes on your property