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It May Be Your Backyard

Your Backyard May Be Breeding Mosquitoes

It May be Your Backyard That is Breeding Mosquitoes

Many homeowners struggle with mosquito bites in their backyard in the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem areas of North Carolina. Many times the homeowner thinks the mosquitoes are breeding somewhere else and are flying into their yard from somewhere else to bite them, but sometimes that is not the case.

Quite simply, it is standing water on a property that is the reason mosquitoes may be breeding on your property. Did you know that a bottle cap of water can breed as many as 300 mosquitoes? It does not take much. A small item somewhere on your property, that you may be missing, can hold enough water to create a major issue of mosquito bites.

Try to eliminate items like child toys, buckets, tarps, and pots. Or, turn them over and make sure they are not collecting water. This step can go a long way to controlling mosquitoes on your property. Mosquito Squad recommends following the 7 T’s of mosquito control.

  1. Tip

  2. Toss

  3. Turn

  4. Remove Tarps

  5. Take Care of maintenance of your property

  6. Team Up with Neighbors

  7. Treat the property, if needed

If you are vigilant with taking the necessary steps to control mosquito breeding and you still have issues with mosquito bites, there is the next step of having your yard treated. Mosquito Squad of the Triad offers a barrier treatment that will take care of the mosquitoes on your property and also eliminate the ones that may come from somewhere else. Contact Mosquito Squad today and receive your first treatment for $39 with the purchase of a season package. Call us at 336-617-5268 or email at