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Does that Adult Beverage Repel Mosquitoes?

More chugs, fewer bugs?

More Chugs May Mean Fewer Bugs?

Could drinking that evening cocktail outdoors bring fewer mosquito bites? Well there is some evidence that this might be the case because for a couple of factors. Mosquitoes are attracted to and bite people due to a number of variables. Here are a couple of those that are affected by alcohol consumption and maybe decrease the number of mosquito bites.

Lactic Acid (Sweat)

When you sweat, you produce lactic acid that creates that distinctive odor that is a natural repellent to that attractive female person. But to a female mosquito, it is a natural aphrodisiac. They love it and cannot resist. So, if you are relaxing and having that ice cold beer, it is less likely that your sweat glands are producing that lactic acid that will bring those female mosquitoes flying! So, ice those beers down, sit down in your backyard, and have one more!


Carbon Dioxide is the number one reason that a mosquito finds you. Humans and other animals exhale carbon dioxide and mosquitoes pick up that scent trail. So, does alcohol decrease CO2? Theoretically, yes. Alcohol is a depressant and will cause a decrease in the breathing process. With this decrease in exhalation comes a decrease in carbon dioxide. Less carbon dioxide means fewer mosquitoes that may come and make you a meal.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

This maybe the strongest argument that drinking alcohol may decrease mosquito bites. Have you ever notice that B vitamins have a distinctive smell? Well that is the presence of thiamine in, specifically,  B1 and mosquitoes don't like it. Your body wants to take thiamine and make it into the coenzyme thiamine-pyrophosphate that catalyzes several biochemical reactions. When blood alcohol levels rise this conversion is greatly reduced and the free thiamine levels in the bloodstream increase dramatically. With this increase in free thiamine comes that specific odor and mosquitoes are repelled by it. This may mean fewer bites.

While we are not saying it is a fact that alcohol consumption will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home, there is this compelling evidence that it can bring a few less bites. To learn more about mosquito control around your home, go to mosquitosquad,com.