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What Makes Mosquito Squad Different?

Mosquito Squad is Different

What is the difference between Mosquito Squad and other companies that offer mosquito control?

We love being outside. We invest a lot of energy in our yard and have children and pets that invest time there with us. We began this Mosquito Squad business in the Triad of North Carolina due to our love of the outside and needing to be protected as we are outside in our lawns. For what reason did we pick Mosquito Squad establishment to possess? Mosquito Squad offers the best items accessible to kill mosquitoes and ticks from your property and we have an energy in giving the best assistance with these incredible items to guard you from annoying nibbles and illness. All in all, how are we unique? You need to know the distinction between Mosquito Squad and other similar services. Here is a few reasons.

  1. Mosquitoes and ticks are the sole focus. Mosquito Squad is a mosquito and tick control expert, and mosquitos are the specialty. Mosquito Squad is not a general pest company that happens to treat for mosquitos and ticks. The Squad’s barrier treatment formula is created with the latest technology to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks in their habitat, control their breeding, and keep them from coming back.
  2. Barrier Treatments vs. Knock-Down mist. Unlike other product formulations with other companies that merely “knock-down” the mosquitoes that are around during a treatment, Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is micro-encapsulated and sticks to the foliage around your home and continues to eliminate the pests after the initial application is complete.
  3. Your entire property is treated, not just the perimeter of the house. Mosquito Squad inspects your entire property and treats each area appropriately (i.e., larvacide for standing water to stop life cycle), and eliminates each different source of mosquito breeding space around your yard.
  4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Protection. Mosquito Squad of the Triad guarantees mosquito protection for 21 days. You can realistically expect a 90% reduction in mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will re-visit your yard, no questions asked. If you are still not satisfied, we will give you your money back.
  5. You always know we are coming. We provide you all your treatment dates when you sign up. We send a reminder the day before we come by text or email. This notification offers a 2 hour window of service time.
  6. The product is mixed by Lead Technicians that go through a full and detailed training program. Many companies mix chemicals in your yard, or by the job by difference technicians with different levels of experience, Mosquito Squad’s formula is mixed at our warehouse by our Lead Technicians for each and every job. This promises a consistent, and correct ratio of the product mix at each property serviced.
  7. Our technicians use body cameras. When we treat our clients yards body cameras are used. The use of body cameras allows us to use the footage to see what is being treated and to train our technicians
  8. We are licensed in the State of North Carolina. We have earned the licensing to buy the products we use and are trained to use them in the best and most appropriate manner.

We would love to answer any questions you have about our service. We offer $50 off a season package to new customers. Call or email the authority in mosquito and tick control at 336-617-5268 or