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"Skeeter Syndrome" - Some People Have A More Severe Reaction to Mosquito Bites

Skeeter Syndrome Causes a More Severe Mosquito Bite

For most people, a mosquito bite is an itchy annoyance that lasts for a few hours, or maybe a day or so. Are you, or your child, one of those people that gets a mosquito bite and it becomes a big, swollen, itchy mess that lasts for several days? If that is the case, there is a name for it. It is called "Skeeter Syndrome".

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A mosquito bite becomes an itchy bump due to an enzyme in the mosquito's saliva. When a mosquito "sticks" you with its proboscis (a straw-like feature) to suck your blood, the blood is too thick to suck out. The saliva of a mosquito contains an enzyme that loosens the blood so that it can easily suck the blood out through the proboscis. This saliva, and the enzyme it contains, is what causes the itchy bump. Those with Skeeter Syndrome have are allergic to the saliva and have a worse reaction to it. In some cases, it can be pretty severe. Skeeter Syndrome can also cause some pain due to swelling and a  fever in a severe reaction.

Home remedies to treat mosquito bites

There are all kinds of remedies that can help with a mosquito bite. Medical News Today outlines some of these in an article for Skeeter Syndrome. The one they really point out is that if the reaction causes swelling, ice and elevation of the bitten area will help reduce that. Also, the ice may help with the itchiness of the bite. Aspirin or Tylenol can help with pain and fever. Over-the-counter antihistamines and topical steroids may help reduce the symptoms of these severe reactions. Go to Mosquito Squad's blog "Treating Itchy Mosquito Bites" to see more home remedy ideas for treating mosquito bites.

Mosquito Control and Prevention

The best way to prevent these bad reactions is, obviously, not to get bit. Here are some simple ways to prevent mosquito bites when outside.

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to expose fewer areas of your body from a mosquito bite
  • Wear light colors. Mosquitoes are very attracted to darker, brighter colors
  • Stay inside at dusk and dawn hours. Most mosquito species are most active during those times.
  • Around your home, control standing water. Mosquitoes need it to lay their eggs and you can eliminate possible breeding sites around your property.
  • Use repellent liberally. DEET and permethrin-based repellents, whether a treatment or bracelet, can help decrease mosquito attraction. With sprays, be sure to reapply every 2-4 hours

The most common place for people to get a bit by mosquitoes is at home. Outside in the backyard at home is where most of us spend our time outdoors. So, controlling mosquitoes in the backyard is the best way to prevent getting one of those nasty bites. Mosquito Squad has affordable barrier treatment options available that will eliminate 90% of the mosquitoes and ticks that cause nasty and sometimes dangerous bites. Go to to learn more or call the authority in mosquito and tick control at 336-347-4462.