The Mosquito Imposter

Author: Mosquito Squad

Have you seen around your garage a front door a giant, mutant like mosquito? Well these are not mosquitoes at all. They are a Crane Fly and if you think they are a mosquito, they can be pretty scary looking.

These scary giant mosquito looking bugs are harmless. They do not have any mouth biting parts. So, they are not going to be a blood sucker like a mosquito in your backyard. They are very active in the cool of the spring and fall, but they have very short life span. They can be very annoying because they like to hang around your garage and doors and will sometimes fly into the house. In recent years we have seen a more than usual rate of these intimidating flying bugs and we have received calls because of the "mutant mosquito" invasion.

While annoying and hard to control, they will not cause and itchy bite. They are frustrating as they fly in your house and bounce around all over the place, but these harmless "mutant mosquitoes" do eventually go away quickly due to their short life cycle.

If you are not sure if you have crane flies or mosquitoes, call the experts at Mosquito Squad and we can help you out. With the best options for mosquito and tick control, we have the best service if you have something more than  just a few crane flies.