Stop Wearing that Perfume and Get Fewer Bites!

Author: Mosquito Squad

Are you the person that is outside on the deck at the party and getting bit by mosquitoes while everyone else seems not to be bothered? Maybe it is the perfume you are wearing. There are several things that attract mosquitoes to you. One of the big ones is floral scented perfumes.

Many people do not know this, but mosquitoes are pollinators. Only female mosquitoes bite you The reason they are biting you is to get a blood or protein meal in order to lay their eggs. Otherwise they are hanging out on vegetation and flowers feeding off the sugars and nectar with the male mosquitoes.

So, wearing that expensive floral scented perfume may make you more attractive to men but also the mosquitoes as well, and that may be casing you to get more mosquito bites in you backyard. In fact anything heavily scented like deodorants, hair sprays, body lotions, etc. can cause you to be more attractive to these biting bugs. When you are outside, it is best to be as fragrant free with many of your personal use items as possible.

Trying to avoid mosquito bites and the nuisance and danger from disease they can bring is difficult. To learn more about how to control mosquitoes and ticks around your home, go to Mosquito Squad and find out how.