DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Author: Mosquito Squad

Being outdoors at night is just better with a fire pit. It is a great outdoor atmosphere - sitting with friends and family, basking in the heat and glow of the fire,and enjoying the night air. There is also the added benefit that the fire, or more specifically, the smoke that comes with the fire is a natural mosquito and tick repellent. Smoke is a repellent for all insects, especially the flying ones that can help prevent those unwanted backyard bites

Here are a few links for some great ideas on how to make your own fire pit and better enjoy your outdoor living space in the backyard.

Bowl Of Rocks

This creates a sleek, modern look for your outdoor space.

Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

We really like this one. What a great way to re-purpose an old washing machine.

Tractor Tire Rim Fire Pit

Another idea to re-purpose old parts

Cast Stone with Natural Stone Cap Fire Pit

This one, while a little more work, will provide years of outdoor enjoyment

Overlaid Stone Fire Pit

This one gives a great natural look

Portable Fire Pit

We have to say this one is our favorite!. A go anywhere mobile fire pit.

There are great fire pit ideas from places like Pinterest to make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable. Remember to keep those fires smoky and it will help with the mosquitoes as well. If you want mosquitoes to not be a nuisance at all, go to to learn more about some simple steps to keep your home and family in control of mosquitoes and ticks.