What Is The World's Most Dangerous Animal?

Author: Mosquito Squad

What is the world's most dangerous animal? Think about it. The results are quite surprising. The weather is getting warmer and soon we will be taking our vacations at the beach and watching National Geographic on TV. We will be inundated with ads for "Shark Week". You would think sharks would be somewhere near the top of this list. The reality is that they are nowhere close.

More people die from this creature's tiny itchy bite than any other animal bite in the world. The mosquito is the world's most dangerous animal, because it can carry and transmit  the deadly mosquito-borne disease malaria The above graphic comes from the Bill Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates donated  around $2 billion dollars in grants since 2000 to study and implement mosquito control programs to combat malaria. Because mosquitoes carry malaria, mosquito control is needed in countries that do not have the resources to invest in it. Bill Gates wants to change that.

Not only is the mosquito, and the malaria it brings, a killer, but it also has a devastating impact on economies of the poorest countries. Malaria not only kills, but for those that just merely have the disease and not die, it keeps them from working which limits vital  economic resources of families and communities that can least afford it. Because of malaria, mosquitoes  that carry it are a huge barrier to economic growth in the countries of the world that need that economic growth the most.

So, the next time you receive a mosquito bite, think about the fact that you have just been bitten by the most dangerous animal in the world. Go to mosquitosquad.com to learn more about mosquito control and why we support Malaria No More whose goal, like Bill Gates, is to end malaria in our generation.