DIY Outdoor Games That Create Outdoor Fun

Author: Mosquito Squad

How many times a day do parents hear the words "I'm bored!". It is a phrase heard many times all year long, but in the Spring and Summer there maybe some temporary DIY fixes to give your kids some outdoor family fun in the backyard.

Here are a few ideas from that can help you create some outdoor family fun in you backyard. 

  1. Easy Outdoor Twister game. Get 4 cans of spray paint and create an outdoor twist on this family game.kid playing with ball and dog in yard
  2. Create and Outdoor Water Wall. Find a flat surface and, with a staple gun or zip ties and recyclable plastic containers, make this fun outdoor activity. Ad a hose and turn on the water and the fun will start to happen.
  3. Backyard Tightrope. This is an easy to create game. All you need is 2 lengths of rope and a couple of trees.children chasing bubbles in the yard

These are just a few ideas that can entertain your family outdoors this summer. Parents can make it a project with the kids to create these games and then have some outdoor fun.

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