Did You Know There Is A Mosquito Forecast?

Author: Mosquito Squad

There is a weather forecast from a variety of places that you can check to see if your outdoor event is going to be affected by rain or hot temperatures. But did you know there is a mosquito forecast as well?

Mosquito forecast in the Triad area.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to control the weather? We all worry ourselves while planning our outdoor event. Whether it is a cookout in the backyard or on the deck, or an outdoor party, we want the weather to be perfect! How many times do we worry about the mosquitoes and other biting bugs? Some times that is not our first thought, but maybe it should be.

Mosquitoes in the outdoors.

Mosquitoes and ticks can be a nuisance and sometimes even dangerous.. They can certainly ruin and outdoor event, and even make it unbearable to be outside, just like bad weather. You can check the mosquito forecast at Accuweather along with the regular weather forecast and see the likelihood of whether or not you will have an issue with biting bugs in your backyard.

Mosquito bite on leg.

There is a way to take out the worry of bug bites at you next outdoor event. Call the mosquito and tick control experts at Mosquito Squad. We are the authority in making your outdoor living better by providing a plan to keep your property bite free. Our barrier treatment and spray program offers the best results  in keeping mosquitoes, ticks and fleas at bay. We can give you a quote over the phone and get out right away to make your outdoor dining worry free. Call us at 336-793-8463 or email us at triad@mosquitosquad.com. We would love to tell you about what we do.