Lyme Disease Can Be A Threat To Your Pets

Author: Matt Beam - Staff Biologist at Mosquito Squad

Lyme Disease Can Be A Threat To Your Pets


The Dangers of TicksLyme disease is becoming more of an issue in North Carolina and is something that not only threatens people, but your pets may be at danger as well. With tick populations on the rise, your pets are in threat of contracting Lyme Disease and then in turn could put you and your family in danger, too. Information is the key in fighting Lyme Disease. Make sure you know the facts.

The History of Lyme Disease

A growing problem in America, Lyme Disease was first discovered in 1977 after some cases were reported in the small town of Old Lyme, Connecticut. The locals had begun to refer to the occurrence as “Lyme Arthritis” due to the persistent but not abnormal symptoms. Since then, Lyme Disease has become a life changing problem for many people.Many times it goes undiagnosed as the symptoms are similar to the flu or a bad cold. While mosquitoes transmit diseases, and infect a couple thousand people a year, Lyme Disease stemming from ticks has been increasing drastically to exceed thirty thousand reported cases a year. In 2009, the CDC ranked Lyme Disease as the 7th most notifiable disease in the nation. Additionally, experts project that as many as three times the diagnosed cases go unreported due to the symptoms being very similar to the flu and fatigue. If diagnosed in the early stages, Lyme Disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics. But the best defense against Lyme Disease starts in your own backyard. With a Mosquito Squad barrier treatment, you can rest easy knowing that professionals are protecting your family and your home from ticks and the Lyme Disease they may carry.

Avoid Ticks On Dogs

Tick Control - Care for Pets

Humans are not the sole target for ticks however, they also tend to prey upon family pets, specifically dogs. When your dog or other pet goes outdoors, a tick could easily latch onto them, catching a ride right through your front door and into your home. It is important to check your pets for ticks after being outside. You should always check for ticks on dogs when you get home from a walk in the park, or even around the neighborhood. If you have pets that enjoy the outdoors, it is especially important to have a tick control plan in place. If left to feed, ticks can infect your pets with many of the same diseases that humans are susceptible to. Lyme disease in dogs is not uncommon, but Heartworm is most dangerous when it comes to dogs. Don’t wait for a tick to infect your dog or endanger your home, contact Mosquito Squad to setup your plan for proactive protection throughout the season.