Severe Weather Can Bring Mosquitoes and Ticks

Author: Mosquito Squad

Severe Weather Can Bring Mosquitoes and Ticks

Severe weather in the spring and summer is a concern every year in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Thunderstorms that bring lightning and tornadoes always need to be watched. Heavy rain producing flash floods is also a concern for damage to homes and travel.

Storm in city


Keeping up with severe weather in your busy life


Our lives are busy with jobs, kids, family responsibilities and volunteer commitments. Keeping up with how the weather will influence our outdoor activities and living spaces can be tough sometimes. Fortunately, technology has offered us ways of keeping us informed. Instead of having to take time to search for the weather conditions and how it will impact you. There are website services, like SouthEastWxAlerts offers:

  • Notice of adverse weather condition (Up To 5 Days Before)
  • Alerts sent via text for tornado, Hail, Wind, Flood, Hurricane. Ice, Snow, Drought, Frost, Freeze, Fire Weather, and many more…
  • Daily Personal Forecasts sent out at 6pm for next day’s weather and includes the High & Low and if precipitation is expected. These forecasts will be sent 365 times per year or once per day
  • Also, you will get custom weather maps for the alerts shown above

A great tool when you do not have the time to constantly search and look for what the weather is going to do. Check this web service out, if you are interested up to minute information and notices for impending severe weather issues in your area.


How does severe summer weather impact mosquitoes?


On a smaller scale, this type of weather can also impact the mosquito population in your backyard and the number of bites you may receive. Severe storms bring a great deal of rain sometimes.

Mosquito larvae

This can create many areas of standing water in and around your property. This, in turn, provides many potential places for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs and produce more adult mosquitoes to be a nuisance or even a danger to you. If a female mosquito carries a disease like Lyme Disease or Zika, she will pass it to all of her offspring. Hundreds with each new generation.


Mosquito Squad is the authority in mosquito elimination around your property. We will treat standing water to stop the breeding, in addition to eliminating the adults. Providing a bite free environment in your outdoor living areas.