"SPLAT" a Mosquito Control Guide

Author: Mosquito Squad of The Triad

Mosquito Squad eliminates mosquitoes in your outdoor living areas.

Mosquito Squad specializes in the elimination of mosquitoes from your outdoor living areas. But whether you use our services here in the Triad of North Carolina or somewhere else, controlling mosquitoes is an important issue for many people. Besides the nuisance that these insects cause, there are serious diseases and illnesses that come from their bites.

This article is a reference to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system we call SPLAT. It is an effective system that will control mosquitoes. Remember, the goal is to significantly reduce the unwanted mosquitoes while respecting the environment at the same time.

Source Reduction—Inspect your property and make a note potential breeding sites. TIP over, TOSS out, FILLin, or DRAIN any site you discover. Remove trash and containers that my accumulate standing water—remember it only takes a small amount of water to provide an environment for mosquitoes to breed.

Public (consumer) Awareness—research about mosquitoes and their habitats. There are articles across the web. Knowledge is power when it comes to controlling these pests.

Larvicide—utilize larvicides (stops the life cycle of the mosquito and other insects at the larvae stage) to keep mosquitoes from becoming adults. Remember it is only the adult females that bite humans, but this stops the life cycle before they become adults. Benign larvicides can be added to standing water—many last over 100 days.

Adulticide—Foggers and misters are available in home stores. These are somewhat effective in eliminating adult mosquitoes. Sometimes this is adequate. However, to further reduce the adult population, you may need a professional with the authority, knowledge and access to control mosquitoes on your property.

Timing—mosquitoes live in cycles. From the egg, to larva, through pupa, and finally adult there is a life-cycle that is affected by habitat and weather. Knowing about this and breaking this life cycle with the above recommendations is an important part of any IPM.

Try SPLAT yourself. If you have comments or questions we encourage you to contact us at Mosquito Squad.

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