It’s Time to Enjoy your Backyard Again!

Author: Mosquito Squad of The Triad

Sick of slapping annoying mosquitoes when you are tying to enjoy a nice summer evening in the backyard? Tired of getting mosquito bites (you and your guests) when you
just want to enjoy a grilled outdoor dinner? If the answer to these questions is yes, have Mosquito Squad come in to can save the day, or evening as this case may be!

Concerns about protecting your kids, pets, family or friends from bites and disease, can be alleviated with a Mosquito Squad barrier spray program. Mosquito Sqaud has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We come treat your property every 21 days, offering a 90% mosquito elimination.

We want you to be able to enjoy a nice outdoor party in the backyard with friends or a summer BBQ with your family. Summer is the time for enjoying those simple pleasures of life­ with good friends, good food and a good time. Don’t let mosquitoes and other biting insects ruin that.


Call us. We are thrilled to come and treat your property to have it mosquito free as soon as possible. Sick of those pesky and dangerous mosquitoes being on your property? Enjoy your backyard today. Give the authority in backyard mosquito control a
call! We look forward to helping you get your yard mosquito free.

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