The Zika Mosquito Presence In North Carolina

Author: Mosquito Squad of The Triad

With the present Zika Virus epidemics in the world being advanced by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, scientists are researching to figure out which other mosquito species are capable of carrying and transmitting the virus. The CDC has confirmed that the Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger) mosquito is a vector, but there are a great deal more mosquito species still in question. With 28 mosquito species in North Carolina, we may be at greater risk for Zika.

The Zika Virus is an especially dangerous mosquito-borne disease in that it can be transmitted from people to mosquito. Like malaria, this can create a fast spreading epidemic. With world-travel being what it is today all it will take is a few travelers bringing Zika to the U.S. during mosquito season to cause a rapid spread of the disease.

Stay tuned to Mosquito Squad as information is released by governmental agencies, or for protection for your family from these creatures.