Mosquitoes Can Be Deadly

Have you ever seen standing water with mosquito larvae wriggling around in it? Dependent upon the size of the pool of water, Fayetteville mosquitoes can breed in the thousands or even millions. Mosquitoes can breed in as little water as the cap of a bottle. While this fact is scary, the intelligence of these mosquitoes is even scarier.

Mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to seven years until conditions are right. Once the conditions are right, the mosquito eggs will hatch and the mosquito population will spike. Mosquitoes did not gain the title of being the most deadly animal on the planet by allowing a cold spell to decimate their population. This is exactly why barrier sprays are so incredibly important. Mosquitoes will not only lay eggs where they will hatch within a couple of days. Mosquitoes seem to have a back up plan of laying their eggs where water will eventually pool and allow for the eggs to hatch. By applying a barrier treatment, not only are the mosquitoes eliminated, but so are their eggs and larvae.