Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville NC - NO CONTRACTS!

Have you ever looked forward to signing a contract on something you’re not too sure will work? More than likely the answer is a resounding “NO”. We at Mosquito Squad of Fayetteville believe that our customers should decide if they want to continue with us through merit. We know that our product speaks for itself and, therefore, don’t believe in having our customers sign into contracts. You can simply get your yard misted when you want it; it’s that simple. However, we do encourage a Seasonal Package to ensure your family and pets are protected ALL season.

Fayetteville Mosquito ControlThe majority of pest control companies in our area are looking to sign you into a contract that locks you down and guarantees them more money up front. As stated previously, we are confident enough in our ability to keep your yard mosquito free that we don’t need you to sign a contract. Click here to see what our customers have been saying about us. Fayetteville mosquito control is something we are proud to say we have the upper hand in. Our barrier applications have a 85-90% efficiency rate accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to earn our customers’ service, not have it signed into action before any work has even been performed.

Fayetteville Mosquito ControlWe stand by our motto: No Bugs. No Bites. No Contracts. No Kidding. When you’re driving around Fayetteville and see the numerous yard signs we’ve posted in yards we treated, you’ll begin to see why we are so popular. Not only do we not require a contract like so many of our competitors here in Fayetteville, but our customer service and barrier sprays are what keep people coming back to us. We are proud that our barrier sprays are so effective. Even more importantly, we take pride in the our customer service.