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Keep Cool & Repel Mosquitoes


Florida has beautiful weather, however in the summer, not only is it hot and humid but it is also ‘peak mosquito season’, so many of us avoid the outdoors to escape the heat and biting insects. There is no reason for us Floridians to hibernate indoors especially during the summer months when schools are on recess and children want to spend time outside.

What can you do you ask? You can strategically place fans that will not only keep you cool but will also help keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away.


Fans can be yet another tool in your mosquito control tool box to help keep mosquitoes and biting insects away from you. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive, can be decorative too.

  • Fact #1 – Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide which we emit when we breath. Fans circulate the air which disperses the carbon dioxide scent making it harder for mosquitoes to find the source which would be you.

Fact # 2 – Mosquitoes are poor flyers. A fan does not need to be large and cumbersome to help deter them from invading your outdoor living space. A speed of only 5 miles per hour is sufficient to overpower mosquitoes so they do not reach and bite you.

Types of Fans

There are many different options and fans that you can consider based on your budget and where you spend your time outdoors; whether it be your patio, lanai, dock, deck or pool. Some options to consider include:

  • Wall / Structural Mounted – For a permanent fixture consider a wall or structural mounted outdoor fan. These can be placed where you have access to an electrical outlet. Consider placing these fans in your lanai, at your outdoor kitchen and even on your dock. Just ensure that you select one that is UV and weather resistant.
  • Outdoor Pedestal Fans – These fans are on wheels and are portable so they can be moved to the area where you will be spending your time outdoors, today on the lanai, tomorrow by the pool. These fans oscillate and create a range of protection. You can also select one that is weather and UV resistant.
  • Table-top Fans – These fans are small, approximately 5 inches and are battery operated. These fans are compact and lightweight, yet effective and can be placed on you picnic or patio table to keep mosquitoes away while you enjoy your dinner. You can even take one to your dock or deck if you plan to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee or sunset with your favorite cocktail.

Don’t Forget Your Professional Service Provider – Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay

While fans are a helpful tool as part of your overall integrated pest management program, don’t forget the benefits and programs that Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay offers.

Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay will treat your property and perform “Barrier Spray” treatments to instantly kill the mosquito and biting insect population. Their solutions have a residual that will continuously release the insecticide for up to three weeks. Mosquito Squad will also treat standing water with larvicide / dunks to further control and reduce new hatchings.

For maximum protection, consider the installation of an Automatic Misting System, the ultimate solution to eradicate not only mosquitoes, but no-see-ums, fleas, spiders and many other biting insects on a daily.

You can select either our Traditional, man-made formula or an Naturalsolution, the choice is yours and both are guaranteed.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay at (813) 502-0505 or tampabay@mosquitosquad.com – Your professional mosquito, biting insect and rodent control service provider to help you FIGHT THE BITE.