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Even Though You Can’t See Them – The No-See-Ums Bite and It Hurts

No-See-Ums or Biting Midges are winged insects and includes over 4,000 species. They are tiny gnat-like insects (only 1-3 mm long and may be mistaken for a small speck of dirt) but despite their size they swarm and inflict painful bites.

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Biting midges can be a nuisance to anyone who spends time outdoors during early morning and evenings but even during the daytime.

Biting midges exist world-wide; 47 species are known to occur in Florida alone! They are often found in or around environments characterized by mud or moist soil, mangroves, around streams, ponds, and marshes. They are abundant and reproduce rapidly as some species can lay up to 450 eggs per batch and they typically hatch within two to 10 days.

Bites can lead to severely itchy bumps or hives, which are the most common lesions observed with biting midge attacks. “No-see-um” bites may occur without being known (or even suspected).

Although skin bite reactions are temporary, biting midge lesions often require several weeks for complete resolution to occur. Lesions can be extremely itchy and can lead to intense scratching.

Coastal areas of Florida provide a great habitat to breed these pesky no-see-ums. So if you are tired of itching, and want to enjoy your yard and the outdoors, contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay (813) 534-5918 or tampabay@mosquitosquad.com to learn how they can help you eradicate your no-see-ums with the installation of an automatic misting system.