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Another Effective & Affordable Tool – Perimeter Pest Control



I am sure we all remember a time when we could not wait for annoying, unwanted guests to leave and go home. Imagine if those unwanted guests are insects such as ants, spiders, fleas, etc. that refuse to leave.

It does not matter what time of year as these pesky insects are looking for comfortable, climate-controlled homes like yours to escape the summer heat (which we have plenty of in Florida) and cooler weather in the winter.

These pests are not only are annoying they can also pose health risks to you, your family and pets and even damage your home.

The best way to ensure you do not get invaded with these unwanted guests is to have your home treated with a professionally applied Perimeter Pest Control treatment.

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter Pest Control creates an invisible and odorless protective barrier around your home’s foundation, entrances, garages, windows, etc. Our licensed and highly trained Technicians will apply the treatments to cracks and crevasses too. The barrier we create also extends 3 feet from the foundation to further stop these insects from gaining entry into your home.

How Often are the Treatments?

We apply these treatments quarterly and they are guaranteed which gives you peace of mind that your home will not be invaded. What is nice too, is that you do not need to be home for the application so you are free to go about and take care of other matters, chores, work, etc. We will send you a text/e-mail communication once the application has been completed.

Take the Next Steps Today

Contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay today to arrange your Perimeter Pest Control service. No contracts are required and you will be charged on the date of service, after the application has been completed. Think about that, no up-front cots or long-term commitments or contracts.

Mosquito Squad can be reached via email at tampabay@mosquitosquad.com or 813-502-0505.

For just cents on a dollar, you will be happy you did as these unwanted insects will look for another place to come home.