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Are You Sharing Your “Man Cave” With Mosquitoes?

a man cave, or hangout area in a garage

People often spend countless weeks and months building the perfect man cave that serves as a sanctuary and holds treasures and prized possessions which may include cars, bars, tv’s, entertainment centers, games (pool tables, pinball, arcade games, darts – to name a few). People will go to great lengths designing the perfect layout and design, down to the smallest detail.

However, did the planning and design take into consideration mosquito, biting insect and rodent control?

Man Cave Basics

Common man caves are often constructed in garages as these are attached to the home or located on the premises, so people can escape without having to leave the property.

Garages are especially ideal in Florida for the perfect man cave as we do not have basements and free-standing sheds may not be allowed in certain communities. Further, sheds may not be large enough and if they lack electricity and air conditioning the sanctuary will be a ‘hot box’ in the heat of summer and simply will not be inviting or comfortable.

Unwanted Visitors

The garage doors are a bonus and when open it allows for fresh air and tropical breezes. However, open garage doors are an invitation for mosquitoes, biting insects and rodents to come on in, check out your space, share it and stay awhile.

Mosquitoes and these other unwanted guests will use your man cave as a shelter from predators and adverse weather. Their presence may attract even more pesky unwanted insects such as spiders. Spiders feed on mosquitoes and if you have mosquitoes, it’s only a matter of time for spiders to find your man cave.

Protecting Your Man Cave

Since you invested countless hours and money to build the perfect sanctuary, you should be able to enjoy it with your friends and guests, not unwanted pesky and biting insects.

There are certain actions you can take to help keep these unwanted guests away. These include removing standing water near the garage, installing garage screens, (these may take-away from the open feel and darken the space). You can also place certain flowering plants such as; lemongrass, catnip, marigolds, lavender, mint and even herbs such as rosemary, basil and thyme near the entrance.

Insecticides will also help, but these do-it-yourself products may stain your prized possessions and often leave an unpleasant odor and they do not last very long and can get expensive over time. So, what can you do you ask, it’s simple, contact a professional like Mosquito Squad of Bay.

Mosquito Squad will assess your man cave and propose an effective and cost-effective treatment program to eradicate these insects, send them packing and keep them away.

Mosquito Squad will treat the inside and outside of your man cave. The products applied dries within minutes, are odorless and they will not stain furniture, etc. When treating the inside, a gentle hand pump will be used to target areas and control the application. Outside, back-pack blowers will be used to create the barrier of protection. This equipment enables Technicians to apply the product to larger areas and those that are high and cannot be easily reached such as eaves, trees, etc.

For added protection, Mosquito Squad can discuss, if needed, how you may also benefit from perimeter pest control and rodent control.

  • Perimeter Pest Control - creates an invisible, odorless protective barrier around the foundation, entrances, garages, and windows. Technicians will apply the treatments to cracks and crevasses too. The barrier created extends 3 feet from the foundation that acts like an ‘invisible fence’ to further stop insects from entering your man cave. What’s nice is that each application lasts 3-6 months.
  • Rodent Control – we strategically place bait stations around the home close to the foundation an entrances that contains food to attract and eliminate rats, mice and voles from entering your man cave. These are locked/tamper-resistant and only require service/fills quarterly.

What Else Can You Do?

Contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay at tampabay@mosquito, squad.com or call us at 813-502-0505 so we can discuss your man cave and the best treatment plan for you. Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay will help you “Fight the Bite”. Don’t delay, call today.

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