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Blind Mosquitoes – Are Not Actually Blind…They Can See

blind mosquitoes

That’s right, “Blind Mosquitoes”, also referred to as “Aquatic Midges” are not really blind, they actually do see.

Although they do not bite, they breed in such large numbers and swarm they can easily take over your property and even entire neighborhoods, especially during the peak season which is April thru November. The swarming also makes it uncomfortable to enjoy the outdoors.

Not only do they swarm, they gravitate towards areas of cool shade, such as doorways and around lights. They can also cause damage to painted surfaces, outdoor patio furniture, plants, car headlights, car paint, windshields, just to name a few.

These insects need to live in moist areas so they can breed, typically lakes and rivers, of which Florida has many; including Hillsborough, Pinnelas and Manatee Counties. Although their lifespan is short, just a few days, they breed in such large numbers it is difficult to control the population without professional help. Further, when they do die, they pile up and when they decay it produces a foul odor and must be removed. Who wants to scoop up these insects, almost daily, to dispose of them?

If you are encountering “Blind Mosquitoes”, contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay at 813-502-0505 or Tampabay@mosquitosquad.com so they can treat your property to eradicate these pesky insects.