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Global Warming – Mosquitoes are Thriving


Global Warming and Climate Change?

We have all heard of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” and some of the adverse impacts on the environment and ecosystems. However, do you realize that our pesky/biting mosquito friends will continue to thrive and may become a year-round problem, YES 12 MONTHS, especially in southern states such as Florida.

What to Expect

Mosquitoes have survived millions of years which demonstrates their resiliency and ability to adapt to changes in the environment, landscape and ecosystems, especially in tropical climates such as Florida.

While mosquitoes are most active in spring and summer, Global Warming and Climate Change are resulting in shorter winter/cooler months enabling mosquitoes to survive, thrive and multiply.

In southern Florida, the typical “peak” mosquito season is March through November and residents look forward to some cooler weather in the winter months to thin and decrease the mosquito population and bites. This luxury may be a thing of the past as recent research shows that the mosquito population is now even more capable to tolerate a range of temperatures, even in the southern Florida winter.

With more mosquito activity, there is a greater risk for mosquito bites and harmful diseases that mosquitoes may spread to humans, pets and livestock.

What To Do

Mosquitoes are extremely resilient, and are becoming much more adaptive to global warming trends. That, with higher precipitation levels, increased risk of standing water/flooding, all create an even more perfect breeding ground to generate higher populations of these pesky, biting insects. If not properly controlled, you most likely will see an increase in the volume/number of mosquitoes, mosquito bites that will be with you year-round.

So what can you do…….Contact Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay at 813-502-0505 or tampabay@mosquitosquad.com to schedule your guaranteed mosquito and biting insect control. Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay is locally owned and operated, the owners are actively involved in day-to-day operations, is a woman-owned small business that gives back to the communities served, and more importantly they ‘Kill the Competition’. NO BUGS, NO BITES, NO KIDDING!

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