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Lethal Bronzing is Killing Tampa Bay’s Palm Trees – Call the Squad BEFORE it’s too late

Florida’s and Tampa Bay’s palm trees are under siege from a fatal disease that dries them out and kills them in as little as only a few months. Some preventative measures can be taken, but once they become ill, there is NO chance for recovery. In fact, over tens of thousands of palm trees have died and the number is expected to continue to rise if the disease is not controlled.

A infected palm tree

The disease first appeared in Tampa in 2006, has grown rapidly and is spread by tiny, rice sized plant-hopping insects commonly referred to as “treehoppers”. These insects inject their bacteria through their saliva when eating sap from the palm leaves.

Once a tree is infected, it must be removed and nearby palms may need costly antibiotic injections to stop the disease from spreading.

Why wait until it is too late? Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay’s treatments not only eradicate mosquitoes, fleas and other biting insects but it also is effective against the “treehoppers”. Contact the Squad today at (813) 534-5918 or tampabay@mosquitosquad.com to arrange for your treatments, not only to protect you, your family and pets, but your beautiful landscaping and palm trees as well.

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