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Tampa Bay FAQ's

1. How Does Mosquito Squad Control Mosquitoes And Ticks?

Ask DreadOur most popular service is barrier treatment. For our annual customers, we treat 12 months, all year round, and for our seasonal customers, we treat from March through November. Other treatment programs are available by calling us at (813) 502-0505! We treat both the front and back yards, focusing on the standing vegetation along the perimeter and around your house. We treat standing water along with areas mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. Each treatment lasts for approximately three weeks so our applicators treat on a 21-day schedule.

2. What Do You Treat?

Our applicators will focus on standing vegetation along the perimeter reaching approximately 20-30 feet into the woods when possible. We also treat ornamental vegetation around the house and in both the front and back yards, under decks, around pools and fire pits. We treat standing water with larvicide as well as disrupt temporary standing water, such as tarps, tires, toys, buckets, etc. when possible. We treat where every mosquito feeds, breeds, and harbors. We will also pay special attention to areas where you and your family spend the most time!

3. How Long Does It Last?

Traditional lasts up to 21-days, Naturallasts up to 14-days.

4. Can You Kill All The Mosquitoes And Ticks?

No. We will eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes and ticks. You will still see some mosquitoes, especially during peak times, but you should still be comfortable in your yard.

5. What If It Rains Before, During, Or After?

We do not treat in the rain. Rain prior to the service has no impact if your yard is dry. Targeted surfaces are the underside of leaves and in shaded areas. These tend to be protected from the rain. Also, when the product has dried for 30-60 minutes, rain and water do not easily wash away our treatments.

6. How Do You Keep My Neighbors Mosquitoes From Coming In?

Our product is a knockdown and is time released. We eliminate mosquitoes on contact and our product keeps working between treatments. Most mosquitoes are poor fliers. As mosquitoes attempt to enter into a treated area, they will typically need to land on treated vegetation. this creates a barrier that is difficult for mosquitoes to fly through. If some do happen to get through, they will be eliminated when they retreat back to the treated areas for nutrition and shelter.

7. Is It Safe?

It is people, pet, and environmentally friendly. Our products are non-toxic to people, pets, and wildlife. It is only toxic to insects.

8. If It Is Safe, Why Does My Pet Need To Be Inside During The Application?

This is mostly for the safety of our applicators. We don’t want them to be bitten. Also, in a liquid state, some people and pets can experience skin irritation. Once it is dry, it doesn’t transfer and will not harm people or pets.

9. Do You Spray Vegetables, Fruits, or Flowers?

Mosquitoes don’t typically harbor in these areas. We do our best to avoid these areas mostly to protect honey bees, not for concern of toxicity.

10. Is It Safe For Fish?

Our products can be harmful to Koi fish. Our applicators are trained to avoid these areas and are very careful around Koi ponds.

11. How Long Before I Can Use My Yard?

You can enter right away but prefer to let the product to dry for at least 30 minutes.

12. Will I Know When Mosquito Squad Is Coming?

We send an email the night before as a reminder.

13. Do I Need To Be Home?

You do not need to be home as long as we have access to the property. If you live in a gated community, you will need to list us with an approved vendor access and/or give us the gate code. If there is a gate on the property that you can keep unlocked, please do so. Otherwise, we can take care of everything without you being there.

14. How Long Does It Take To Treat My Yard?

This depends on the size of the property and density of vegetation. It only takes, on average, 20 minutes to treat most yards.

15. What Is The Guarantee?

If, in between services, the mosquito activity becomes uncomfortable, you can request an additional service free of charge. We will send the squad out to assist you and perform another service if needed.

16. Do I Get A Discount For Paying In Full?

Yes, we offer a paid-in-full discount.

17. Is There A Contract?

There is no contract. You can cancel at any time and for any reason.

18. Do I Have To Do A Full Season?

No. We can customize a program to match the time you use your yard.

19. How Will I Know You Have Been There?

We will hang a work order on your front door and place a yard sign out front.

20. Do You Guarantee Against Mosquito And tick Borne Viruses? Zika, Lyme, Etc.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, not the risk of getting an insect borne virus. Our service will eliminate 85-90% of the mosquito and tick population so it is possible you will see some ticks and mosquitoes. However, with the reduction of the insect population, you would logically expect to help reduce the odds of contracting an insect borne virus.

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