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What to Look Out For Now That the Temperature is Dropping

From Sumter to Spartanburg, our customers know that Mosquito Squad is the “Go-To” for professional mosquito and tick prevention. However, do you know that we have excellent services for your fall pests as well? We can help you with stink bugs, spiders, and fire ants as we continue tick treatment throughout the year.

Stink Bugs

Our traditional barrier treatment already helps eliminate stink bugs to a degree, however when a customer has a specific stink bug problem we have an additive that works even more on these yucky, smelly pests. When a homeowner complains of stink bugs, we mist the perimeter of their yard as always, but we also know where stink bugs like to reside on your home and in your bushes, so we pay extra attention to those areas. Just as our normal mist does, this eliminates existing bugs while continuing to work for an additional three weeks.


Does anyone like spiders? Probably, but that doesn’t mean they want to walk face-first through a spider web. This time of year, you tend to see spider webs stretched from rooflines to porch columns to doorways or windows and even across to your car doors. Nothing like the drama that comes with your child walking into that as you head out to work and school! No worries, at Mosquito Squad we have an additive that targets spiders as well. We treat the soffits and eaves of your homes as well as overhanging tree limbs. We even knock down the webs for you!spider

Fire Ants

Fire ants are not ONLY a fall issue, and if you have them, they are a HUGE challenge. Fire ants are difficult to get rid of, and their bites are not only very painful they can be dangerous. Mosquito Squad has a hyper-effective fire ant treatment that can rid you of the aggravation and fear that comes with fire ant infestation by treating your entire yard and specifically targeting the fire ant mounds.


Ticks are not a seasonal problem. The tick lifecycle is a year-round process, and the best way to treat them is to keep at it all year round. Not only is the barrier treatment that eliminates ticks on contact important, but our tick tube systems that keep baby ticks from ever leaving their nests and entering the yard is equally important. This full-year process lowers your risk for tick bites and the diseases that ticks carry while actually stunting future generations of ticks altogether. The diseases that ticks carry can have long term effects. Professional service not only eliminates the source of those diseases but also the worry that comes with it.

Mosquito Squad of Sumter - Spartanburg isn’t just your summer pest treatment company it is your year-round pest treatment company. Call us today and let us give you an estimate for the services that are specific to your needs.

Ask us about our Winter Protection Plan to help you lower the bothersome outdoor pests invading your property over winter and emerging promptly in spring.

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