Why plants, Listerine, flowers, coils, herbs and oils don't work at controlling mosquitoes

The battle between man and bug has been going on since the beginning of our existence. Chances are every so often you’ll see someone post something on Facebook about how you can use certain plants in your yard, or herbs, or oils, coils, or even Listerine to effectively control mosquitoes.

If only it were that easy!

While it is true that certain plants such as a lavender, lemongrass, catnip, and rosemary are not attractive to mosquitoes, one would have to essentially have an entire backyard filled with these plants, not just a few in the garden. Essential oils derived from these plants are also often recommended “natural” mosquito repellents, but what exactly do you do with them? Place them in a number of bowls around your yard and deck? And those coils. . . sure, they won’t exactly invite mosquitoes to hang out around them, but their effectiveness (and the effectiveness of any other smelly stuff) is only localized . . . meaning that once you step away from them, you’re fair game for being a mosquito meal.

Theoretically, you could slather yourself in smelly scents with the hopes of keeping the mosquitoes off you, but how much is enough for it to work? How often would you need to reapply it? And do you really want to smell like Listerine, lavender or cinnamon all day? Not to mention, the hassle of it all.

The reason you always see so many different “home remedies” for mosquito control and so often is simple: They don’t work. If they did, Mosquito Squad wouldn’t exist. But we do exist, because we know what does work — the micro-encapsulated barrier treatment formula we created in 2005. Our barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact and is residual, meaning that it keeps on working for up to 21 days after application. How effective is it? Your yard’s mosquito and tick population will be reduced by nearly 90%, possibly more.

So why keep trying one “remedy” after another, only to find yourself still getting bitten by bugs? It’s a lot of wasted time and energy! One call to Mosquito Squad is all you need to get rid of the pesky bugs in your yard. It only takes us about 20 minutes to treat your property and it dries in 30 minutes, so in under an hour you’ll be protected for up to three weeks at a time. We even have seasonal programs so you can have worry-free, uninterrupted summers. Give us a call for a free consultation. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, and happier to help you take you yard back!