Mosquito Spray Truck. Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad

Have You Seen Our Mosquito Spray Truck Around Town?

From Florence to Sumter Greenwood, Spartanburg and even Lancaster – we are protecting against mosquitoes at a record pace.

Did you spot a cool truck with green stripe while driving down the road? You could see it says something about mosquitoes or squad, but you were going the opposite direction and trying to keep your eyes on the road, so you didn’t catch the company name. We can help. If you have seen a mosquito mist truck out and about in Florence, Sumter, or Spartanburg, it more than likely was ours! And was definitely us if it said, SQUAD.

Mosquito Squad Sumter Florence

Our trucks are driven by highly-trained technicians heading out to eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes from your neighbors’, families’, and friends’ properties. When they arrive, they’ll alert the homeowner, so they can be sure the pets are indoors.

Then they will get to work, applying our excellent mosquito barrier treatment all around the perimeter of the property. They’ll blast bushes and shrubs with the industry’s best mosquito defense product so that for three weeks if a mosquito lands there, the mosquito will die there!

Once the perimeter is treated, our team will apply the product around the outdoor living spaces and other areas where families spend the most time or where mosquitoes could be hiding out.

Our mosquito control only takes 30 minutes to fully dry, and then our product will work for three weeks.Tail gate of mosquito spray truck

The Mosquito Defense Near Me

In fact, maybe that is where you spotted our mosquito mist truck, sitting outside of a neighbor’s house on your way to the grocery store. Just give your neighbor a call, they’ll tell you how much they love spending time outdoors now that mosquitoes are not an issue.

If you need the best mosquito control in Florence, Sumter, Greenwood or Spartanburg, give us a call today, and we’ll send out our highly-trained technicians in our best mosquito mist trucks! We look forward to serving you.