Indian Land Mosquito Control for the Best Backyard Outdoor Living in South Carolina

Indian Land Mosquito Control services

A common anecdote we hear from new clients is “I didn’t even know this type of service existed.” Gone are the days of stocking up on citronella and stinky mosquito repellent mist. You can enjoy your Indian Land spring, summer, and fall in the backyard without a worry or care about mosquitoes biting.

Indian Land Backyard Mosquito Control Services

In 2005, Mosquito Squad developed our Protect Barrier Treatment. It is a product that when applied just right, will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property for three weeks. To this day, our mosquito control barrier treatment is our #1 service.

How does it work?

Our certified trained technicians will apply the mosquito barrier to your entire yard. They will pay especially close attention to thick foliage where mosquitoes like to congregate as well as areas where you spend the most time outdoors.

First, our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact.

Secondly, it adheres to the vegetation. It has a time-released formula that keeps it there for three weeks. When a mosquito lands on the vegetation, it perishes.

Lastly, at three-week intervals, our technicians will automatically come back and treat your property again to keep you mosquito free all season.

You’ll enjoy 85-90% fewer mosquitoes on your property as a result.

Effective Indian Land Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We are so sure of the effectiveness that should you ever be dissatisfied, call us and we’ll make it right. And if we can’t, you’ll get a full refund.

Stop wasting your money on mosquito repellents. Stop choosing your landscaping based on what might repel mosquitoes. And start the spring off on a good note with a call to Mosquito Squad to secure yourself a mosquito-free Indian Land summer.

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