Hurricane Season in South Carolina: As the Wind and the Rain Blow In, So Can More Mosquitoes


More mosquitoes… is that even possible in South Carolina this time of year? The answer is “Absolutely, Yes!” We may not always love the hot and humid weather that our state is famous for, but mosquitoes tend to thrive in it. As storms begin to circle off the coast in the height of hurricane season, the unpredictable rain and moisture that can come as far inland as western SC will create perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes if left to do so. You don’t have to let this happen.

Get Prepared

Still waterWhile it may not be necessary to board up your windows or sandbag your streets, when storms are coming, there is still prep work to be done. In terms of mosquitoes, the work is mostly in the area of clean up and cover-up. If rain is coming it’s best to turn over birdbaths, flowerpots, and anything else that can fill with water. Standing water left on its own in these conditions can turn out thousands of new mosquitoes very quickly after a storm. If it can’t be tipped or turned over, you may want to consider covering it. Keep in mind that when using tarps to cover that they too can hold water so it’s best if you can stack them up in the middle. Brush and limbs and grass clippings hold water too. Getting rid of them before a storm hits will be much easier than after. And honestly there is likely to be more clean up afterward, so why not get ahead.

Call the Mosquito Professionals

This time of year mosquitoes are already driving you crazy when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. The annoyance will be that much worse when you are hard at work cleaning up after a storm. Why not avoid it altogether, storm or not? Our scheduled mosquito barrier treatments will eliminate the mosquitoes before the storm and continue after it’s over. Because we service areas from Spartanburg to Sumter and Florence we can create the service level that is perfect for your needs and climate.

Post-Storm Mosquito Prevention

We all watch the weather closely during times of storm prediction in hopes that circling cloud on the radar will circle right back out to sea, but it doesn’t always happen that way. After the rains have come in and made their way through be sure to clean up again just as you did to prepare. Tip standing water, clear brush and grass clippings, and remove any waste that could become a mosquito motel. Don’t forget the gutters!

Follow the Ts of Mosquito Control in your yard, before and after storms and all year long!

Summer in South Carolina is long, and it’s often hard to know when it will really end. Same for mosquito season. Call Mosquito Squad of Sumter - Spartanburg and let us handle your mosquito control plan throughout the storm season AND the mosquito season.