Heavy rains this summer mean higher need for fall mosquito control in Greenwood SC and surrounding areas

Extreme Weather Bug Barometer infographic

Usually this time of year, as the temperature starts to cool down, the mosquito population starts to dwindle. This year, however, appears to be different. Thanks to the heavy rains that were dumped on the Southeast from subtropical storm Alberto and especially Hurricanes Florence and Michael, the mosquitoes are flourishing, meaning that there’s a much higher need for mosquito control in Greenwood SC, Florence SC, Sumter SC, Spartanburg SC, and the entire Southeast in general.

You’ve probably noticed that you’re still swatting the bugs away. You may have even had a run-in or two with the “monster mosquitoes” called gallinippers. (If so, we’re very, very sorry.) It’s not all in your head — while fall may be here, the mosquitoes aren’t going away any time soon.

Recently the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released its bi-annual “Bug Barometer” report, which is a forecast for different areas of the country in anticipated bug numbers, based on recent weather patterns and past activity. Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t good for the Southeast. This fall and winter, NPMA predicts that because of the heavy rainfall from the storms we’ve had this year, we’re to expect higher than usual mosquito activity and even prolonged termite and ant activity.

We know this isn’t exactly what you want to hear. Nobody wants to deal with bugs at any time, especially in seasons where there’s normally not a lot of activity. But that’s why Mosquito Squad is the place to call when you need mosquito control in Greenwood, Spartanburg, Florence, Sumter, or any of the surrounding cities. As the most trusted name in mosquito control, our signature barrier treatment will get rid of nearly 90% of mosquitoes on your property on contact and continue to eliminate them for up to 21 days after application — guaranteed.

So while it might be looking like a buggier fall and Christmas season than usual, rest assured that Mosquito Squad’s got your back. Give us a call for your fall and winter mosquito control for Greenwood, Spartanburg, Florence or Sumter. We look forward to hearing from you!