Care-Free and Proven-Effective Spartanburg Mosquito Control Services

professional mosquito mister

Spartanburg, South Carolina is a fantastic place to live. A great city on our own, we are also in close proximity of other great cities such as Greenville and Charlotte. We enjoy great weather most of the year and with that great weather comes a very hospitable environment for cold-blooded, blood-thirsty insects. The top of that list of plentiful insects in Spartanburg are mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are mostly hated for their annoying buzzing and itchy bites, but did you know they are dangerous too? Mosquitoes spread dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases such as Malaria, Yellow fever and Chikungunya world-wide, and West Nile Virus locally.

Every year people spend thousands of dollars trying to avoid bites. Allied Market Research predicts that the mosquito repellent industry will garner close to $5 billion worldwide by 2022. And while that number is huge, it doesn’t account for all of the DIY and home remedy mosquito repellents and mosquito control people try at home.

Save Time and Save Money with Proven Effective Spartanburg Mosquito Control Services

We know you’ve tried multiple products to repel mosquitoes. We also know you may have found one you like. Typically, a stinky repellent mist containing DEET is what is purchased repeatedly for use at home, while hiking, camping or out enjoying nature. If you’re using it daily when enjoying your backyard, you are likely buying 3-5 cans a year.

But, we can save you time, money, energy, and stink if you choose to eliminate mosquitoes from your property for the whole season.

Follow the short two-steps below to begin spending less on stinky repellent and more on the things you love the most.

First: Don’t throw away the DEET. Keep it on hand for nature hikes up in the high country.

Second: Call Mosquito Squad of Sumter-Spartanburg and tell us you want to enjoy 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property for the season. We’ll provide you with a free quote for our mosquito barrier treatment program, and if you agree, we’ll send someone out within a few days so that you can take back your yard from annoying dangerous mosquitoes.

Our product adheres to the vegetation on your property and continues to eliminate mosquitoes for three weeks. Every three weeks you’ll receive an alert from us about the day and time we are planning to treat your property again. This three-week schedule will keep your property mosquito-free all season long. And you don’t have to do a thing after the initial call.

If you’re ready to enjoy the best Spartanburg mosquito control services, call us today!