Porch Season in South Carolina | How To Make Sure You’re Getting it Right

Sumter - Porch Swing

If you grew up here, you most likely find it hard to imagine life without lots of porch sitting. Even if there have been times when you didn’t personally have one, you probably jumped at every chance to join your friends on theirs.

Have you ever wondered from where the idea of a porch came?

An article in the Post and Courier by Kathleen Parker suggests that possibly they came to us from African or Haitian immigrants. They came to the south and built what were called “shotgun houses.” Narrow dwellings with front and back doors that stayed open in the heat to help with air flow. These houses spilled out onto porches. Back in those days when there wasn’t air conditioning, or tv, or phones and Fortnite, porches were where we learned of our history. Hours of storytelling, whether truths or stretched truths, kept us entertained while also shading us from the sun or cooling us at night with the southern breezes that didn’t quite find their way inside.

Porch Dwelling Perfection

Maybe we don’t use our porches for the same reasons they did back then, and maybe we do let ourselves get sucked into the convenience of cold air and television a little too often, but as southerners, we still love our outdoor spaces. Here are a few ideas for making sure you and your guests get the most enjoyment out of your porch.

  • Plants: Surround your porch with plants that attract butterflies, birds, and even bees. Stepping right out into nature can be as relaxing as a vacation in the best surroundings.
  • Modern amenities: Don’t forget you can actually have some of those indoor luxuries outdoors too. A ceiling fan, a stereo, a tv and even a fireplace for cooler nights. Who says you can’t bring a little of the indoors outside with you?
  • Comfortable furniture: The options here are really limitless. Of course, whether your porch is covered or screened will make a difference in what you choose, there are plenty of choices in weatherproof furniture that is beautiful and comfortable.
  • Speaking of screens: Another great example of options. Your porch could be screened, not screened, or a combination of the two. These kinds of decisions probably have a lot to do with who will spend time on your porch and what you will choose to do there. If you have more book club events than backyard BBQs, maybe a screen is the way to go.
  • Don’t forget about your pets: Dogs and cats love the porch too. A doggy door for when you aren’t home could be a great addition!
  • Don’t go inside for dinner: Who wants to go inside just because it’s dinner time? Make sure you have a comfortable table, big or small depending on your social activities so that you can keep the party going when it’s time to eat.
  • Kitchen area: Don’t stop with the table. These days you can bring the entire kitchen outside if you want. Maybe a simple grill and cooler suits your needs or you may want the entire set up. It’s available at all levels.
  • Lighting: The outdoor fun never needs to end simply because the sun goes down. The proper lighting creates a fun atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests all night long.
  • Make your porch and outdoor area inviting for those you love. Everyone is different, and every family has different needs. Think about what you want and who you are catering to as you create the porch life. It doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. Just make sure it’s “You”.

Don’t Forget to Plan for the Pests

While planning for all the things you do want on your porch, you can’t forget to plan for the things you don’t, and you definitely don’t want mosquitoes!

The best plan for keeping those away is professional mosquito control. Screened in porches come with doors that constantly open and close, letting bugs in. Bug mist and citronella candles include icky smells that can ruin a good outdoor meal. The protection that Mosquito Squad provides with our barrier treatment comes with a satisfaction guarantee and allows you to have the porch you want without the mosquitoes you don’t. Let Mosquito Squad take care of the pest control while you plan the parties, the meals, or just the relaxation. We can eliminate mosquitoes on your property by as much as 90% - call today!

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