Is Your Lake Murray Deck Covered in Spiders? Call Mosquito Squad Today for the Best Prosperity Spider Control

Author: Mosquito Squad

Do you find yourself using a broom on your Lake Murray dock every single morning knocking down all the spider webs? Do you occasionally forget about the spiders’ instantaneous sunset arrival and find yourself with a face full of cobwebs when you venture out after dark? Hire the best Prosperity spider control company when you call Mosquito Squad of Sumter-Spartanburg.

Prosperity Dock Spiders

South Carolina is a spider haven. A short mild winter and a long insect season make the area perfect habitat with plenty of food. Add Lake Murray to the mix, and the spiders are in paradise. While we do have poisonous spiders such as the black widow, brown widow and brown recluse, most of us are simply annoyed by the sheer volume of other less harmful spiders.

Did you know there are 47 species of spider in South Carolina? While our state spider is the Carolina wolf spider, you may most often see Orb-weavers, Garden Spiders, Jumping Spiders, and House Spiders. Although, most of our clients don’t have frequent interactions with the spiders themselves, just their sticky, gooey webs, which is enough to make your skin crawl.

For the most effective Lake Murray spider control, having a dedicated outdoor pest control company on your side is the key to success. Mosquito Squad has perfected our barrier treatments for mosquitoes and ticks, and it is also effective for other unwanted outdoor pests.

Dock Spider Extermination

Our most-popular barrier treatment is perfect for eliminating up to 90% of spiders from your home and property. We’ll apply it right to your home, porches, and eaves so you can avoid sweeping away spider webs every day and enjoy your favorite outdoor spaces. Bonus: it will help keep the spiders from coming into your house too!

We also offer an excellent dock spider control option. It is an automatic treatment every 14 days with our all-natural barrier treatment. It is highly effective, safe for the water, and will allow you to enjoy your Lake Murray dock and boat without the daily sweeping of spider webs.

Our highly-trained technicians have extensive experience with Lake Murray spider extermination. They will arrive on site with their high-powered sprayers and apply the treatment you choose all over your entire dock, your boats, and the nearby foliage to keep the spiders away for two weeks.

Guaranteed Spider Control for your Lake Murray Dock

Just like all our products and services, your Prosperity spider control services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If ever you are unhappy with the results, call us, and we’ll make it right. What do you have to lose? The spiders! Call us today to enjoy your summer on the lake without doing the spider web tango every night! We are pleased to provide spider control to Lake Murray and Saluda River residents in Prosperity, Newberry, and Saluda.