West Nile Virus: No Treatment + No Cure = Long-term Challenges

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

As Labor Day approached this year, Tarrant County was spraying three different areas for mosquitoes where West Nile Virus (WNV) had shown its presence. August and September are the peak season for WNV. It was this time last year that a mosquito bite changed Alton Stockton’s life forever.

What started as a headache that wouldn’t go away, soon lead to a paralyzed leg and shoulder. Next, his speech became impaired. All of this after a simple mosquito bite on Labor Day. 64-year-old Alton Stockton, from Fort Worth, Texas, had become infected with neuroinvasive West Nile Virus. Although most who contract West Nile either won’t feel anything or will have a few flu-like symptoms; a small few, approximately 1 in 250, will become very sick. Stockton was that one and what we often forget to emphasize is that there is no treatment. No cure. The only thing to be done is to treat the symptoms. Stockton has been doing that for a solid year.

West Nile Can Result in A Long Road of Therapy

Stockton’s symptoms are very similar to that of a stroke patient, so much so that he’s spent the last year in rehab with others that have actually survived a stroke.

For months he was in physical, speech, and occupational therapy every single day. And while he has cut back to two days a week, he still has to exercise every single day to keep his leg moving. Fellow church members were kind enough to remodel his bathroom for him. He’s figured out new creative ways of carrying things as he struggles to get around. He’s anticipating a new knee brace that should help make his life easier. He’s finally driving again, but it’s with his left foot. West Nile Virus has changed Stockton’s life.

Stockton has fought to keep a good attitude through all of this. He shares his story with The Star Telegram in hopes that his story helps others. He never put much thought into mosquito bites, but now he realizes the danger. “No one understands how bad it can get,” Stockton said of West Nile. “You have a spectrum ranging from flu-like symptoms to death, but in between those, the doctors don’t really know how it’s going to affect you.”

We Have to Take Mosquito Protection Seriously

Stockton may have been dealing with WNV for a year, but he considers himself lucky. His doctor told him that at 64 years old most people that contract the more serious neuroinvasive West Nile don’t survive. It was only the fact that he was in excellent shape before the mosquito bite that he made it through. He and his wife now take mosquito protection seriously. They never run out of products containing DEET. Alton Stockton wants to show anyone he can that there is a lesson here. Protect yourself. Use repellent, wear protective clothing, check your screens and doorways, and get rid of standing water around your home.

Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas wants to take it a step further. The unknowns that come with WNVare so risky and if you are one of those few unlucky ones there’s no treatment, simply dealing with the symptoms. Why risk that when professional protection that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee is at your fingertips. Fight the unknowns with facts and the fact is our barrier spray will eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard on contact. Call us today for more information about our mosquito and tick protection services.