Two Cases of Zika Reported in Texas

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

Talk of the Zika virus remains quiet most of the time these days compared to 2016, but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared. In fact, Fox 7 News reported there were two cases present in Williamson County as of July 3rd. Both cases are travel related, but that doesn’t minimize the need to remain proactive in efforts to protect against mosquito bites.

All it takes is one mosquito to bite a Zika infected Texas resident and then bite another resident. Then all at once, we have a locally transmitted case of the Zika virus here in Texas. Zika may not cause terrible symptoms in most people and you may never even know you have it, but if you are a pregnant woman, contracting it can be life-changing for you and for your unborn child. The documented effects of Zika on an unborn fetus include several types of permanent underdevelopment. No one needs to go through this type of heartbreak.

Proactive Zika Protection

Mosquitoes are always bad this time of year. Excessive rain can make them even worse. You cannot spend time outdoors without making sure you are protecting yourself against mosquito bites. There are repellents that have proven to work time and time again. EPA tested repellents that contain DEET are the most effective types. Do you desire a more natural approach? Repellents that contain the oil of lemon eucalyptus have also shown to be incredibly effective. When choosing the best repellent for you, be sure to read and follow directions, most will not last all day. Be sure you take the time to re-apply when necessary.

Other proactive behavior includes keeping your yard free from standing water. Standing water quickly becomes a flourishing mosquito habitat. Not only do you not want that in your yard, you don’t want to be contributing to your community as a whole it that manner. You want to do just the opposite. You want to reduce the local mosquito population and if we each do our part it can happen. Follow the 7Ts of mosquito control at home and share this information with your neighbors. It is amazing what a group effort can accomplish.

Government agencies will most likely be spraying close to you as well, but don’t assume this is going to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. You’re going to have to take control of that on your own. We are here to help you with that. Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas has a mosquito barrier spray treatment that will eliminate 85-90% of existing mosquitoes on your property and it continues to work for up to three weeks. The presence of Zika, as well as other mosquito-borne illnesses, is a reminder that we can’t let our guard down when it comes to mosquito control, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Our trained, professional technicians will take a lot of the work out of it for you while instilling some peace of mind. Call us today!