Case of Lyme Disease Appears in East Texas

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

A Mom in Kilgore TX is dealing with a disease that we aren’t so used to here and the only thing more frightening than a sick child is a child sick from something you know nothing about. When Melissa Holcomb’s 4-year-old complained of places on his body hurting she didn’t know quite what to do. He had been throwing up, she felt sure it was just a virus, but as he started to swell she became scared and called the doctor. The doctor said to try a bath but if the swelling didn’t go down to go to the ER, which is exactly where they ended up. Testing found that the boy had Lyme disease. Thank goodness they diagnosed it quickly and started treatment.

Lyme Disease – Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Lyme is caused when a bacteria is transmitted to humans by the black-legged or deer tick. In most cases, the tick needs to be attached to the human for 36-48 hours for the disease to infect them. Most transmissions come from ticks when they are in the nymph phase of their lifecycle which means they are about the size of a poppy seed. The initial symptoms of Lyme are fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain headache, fatigue, and rash (distinguished by its bullseye appearance). However if untreated the symptoms can worsen and include spreading of the rash, facial palsy, chronic fatigue, extreme nerve pain, irregular heartbeat, and memory loss. Early treatment of Lyme disease with antibiotics usually leads to complete recovery, however when left untreated the symptoms have been known to last for years.

You Can’t Be Too Careful

East Texas isn’t exactly next door, but it’s still Texas which makes this a little close for comfort. Lyme disease has been reported to haunt people for years after a tick bite. Having heard that this could be a terrible year for ticks and knowing that we are in the thick of the tick season it’s just so important to be extra diligent in protecting yourself right now. You need FDAapproved insect repellent when outdoors and don’t forget to read the directions, because you’ll need to know when to reapply. Also, tuck your pants into your socks when you are out exploring so that ticks cannot climb into your pant leg. When you come in or your kids come in from time outdoors with friends don’t skip the tick check. You just can’t assume you would feel or see them without it. As we said, these types of ticks are so tiny. You’ve got to actively look for them in order to protect yourself and your family.

At Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas we are sure of how important all these precautions are when you are venturing out into spaces you can’t control, but what about when you are at home? Is all of this necessary or are their other options? Well, of course, there are. Mosquito Squad’s tick control services make the need for overdressing, over spraying, and constant tick checks less necessary in your own backyard. We eliminate the ticks so you don’t have to repel them and we do it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today, we would love to tell you how! We want you to be aware of Lyme disease and its existence in Texas, but we also want to rid any fear you might have of getting it at home.