Protecting Your Family and Loved Ones from Mosquitoes

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

It’s that time of year! Mosquitoes are lurking everywhere, especially in the hot and humid Florida climate. Though mosquitos are notorious for the itchy bites they leave on our skin, they also pose serious dangers due to the diseases that they often carry. Make sure you are aware of the mosquito threats in your area and plan accordingly to protect yourself this summer.

What Are Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are small flying insects that bite skin and cause a red, itchy bump to form. They frequently bite not only humans, but dogs and horses as well. In total, 200 different species of mosquitoes exist around the country. Each species has unique behaviors and preferences. Some like to lay their eggs in standing water while others prefer potted plant trays, buckets, and tree holes.

When a mosquito bites your skin, that red, itchy bump is the least of the problems that might occur. Mosquitos can also spread diseases like malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and Zika virus. These diseases lead to death, birth defects, and other complications.

Is Mosquito Misting the Answer?

Mosquito misting is becoming a popular tactic for controlling mosquito populations in highly susceptible areas. Many towns and cities use mosquito misting to minimize the presence of mosquitos in public areas like parks and schools. You can also use mosquito misting for your own home.

Misting is a permanent system that automatically releases spray treatments around your yard. The spray creates a barrier designed to kill 176 species of mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti species that carries most mosquito-borne illnesses. The ultimate goal is to interrupt the breeding cycles before these pests can infest your property.

Other Tips to Reduce Mosquito Populations

You can support the results of mosquito misting by using the following tips as well:

  • Reduce standing water, since this is where mosquitos like to breed
  • Address unused swimming pools, barrels, and buckets
  • Use window screens to keep mosquitos out of living spaces

To install your permanent misting system, call to make an appointment with Mosquito Squad in St. Petersburg and Clearwater today. The experts at Mosquito Squad know exactly how to evaluate and treat your property to reduce the prevalence of mosquitos and make your outdoor space a safer and more enjoyable place.