Maybe it’s Gnats, Not Mosquitoes

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

Do you find yourself swatting at little flying bugs, getting bitten around your legs and ankles even AFTER we’ve come to spray for mosquitoes? Recent information is telling us that members of 8 Upper Valley neighborhoods near El Paso are reporting an unprecedented amount of “biting gnats” terrorizing the neighborhoods. Residents say they’ve lived in the same areas for 20-25 years and have never seen anything like this.

A Teensy Pest is a Huge Nuisance

The National Weather Service says that last winter was the 6th warmest on record. Doug Watts, a UTEPresearcher, professor and co-director of the Infectious Disease and Immunology Border Biomedical Center who has a Ph.D. in entomology and vertebrate ecology, says it’s this that keeps biting gnats from dying when we expect them to. That leads to a larger population that need blood to feed on.

Biting gnats, also known as midges or no-see-ums, usually feed on livestock but will feed on any warm-blooded animal in time of need. Heavy rains and standing water also help to elevate the population. Watts tried to get a sampling in the area, but they are just too small (i.e. the name no-see-ums). While little can be done to prevent them from biting, they do not transmit disease among humans. However, Watts does consider these pests to be a health hazard because bites can cause allergic reactions and excessive scratching can lead to infection.

Public officials don’t plan on spraying for these biting gnats. They are simply an annoyance with no threat of human disease, therefore they are telling residents to call for their own control services.

If you’re already one of Mosquito Squad of SC Texas’ customers, you’re probably thinking “but I get sprayed every 3 weeks already?!” Our original barrier spray does kill gnats, but if you’re having a real problem you may want to consider our gnat additive. Because gnats multiply so rapidly our barrier spray does not work as well for gnats as it does for mosquitoes on its own. The additive gives you longer lasting results. Our technicians will also spray the grassy areas where gnats love to hide… you’ve noticed they get your legs the most, haven’t you? It’s because they’re in the grass and they surround your legs as you walk through. Simply because there’s another flying biting insect in your yard to battle, doesn’t mean you can’t win the war.

At Mosquito Squad of SC Texas, we are the armor you need. Call us today and we will make sure you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to make your yard a pleasant place to be.