Drought or Flood: There’s No Winning the War on Mosquitoes in Texas

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

The only thing that changes as we go from wet weather to dry weather is the type of mosquito: disease-carrying or nuisance.

Kevin Sexton, director of the Jefferson County Mosquito Control, can distinguish types of mosquitoes by sight as they land on him. His agency is working hard to map what kinds of mosquitoes are coming and going in Jefferson County. Knowing what kinds of mosquitoes and their habits is important in mosquito control, he explains to The Beaumont Enterprise. Where they breed, the hours of the day they surface and feed… these are all factors that the control agencies use to determine their plans.

Weather is a factor too and it adds complication. As the climate begins to dry out there is an expectation of an influx of disease-carrying mosquitoes. We are on medium risk alert for Zika from now until the end of September in South Central Texas. The chances of West Nile virus also goes up as things dry out, due to the fact that the mosquitoes that carry it like fresh stagnant water. There were a whopping 370 reported cases of West Nile in 2016.

The weather has positive and negative effects when it comes to mosquito and mosquito control in South Central Texas. Rainwater can wash out the mosquitoes that dry weather attracts, and those are the ones that carry disease. However, water brings the nuisance mosquitoes in large volume. Either way, it’s a constant battle. Heavy rain can also affect the ability for control agencies to get out and spray, as can wind. It’s a federal law that mosquito control chemicals can’t be sprayed if the wind speed is above 10 miles per hour.

You Must Take Mosquito Control Personally

Jefferson County sprayed over 179,000 acres for mosquitoes in July. Hardin County, however, doesn’t have a control agency, although some of its cities have control units of their own. County to county there are different plans and opinions about mosquito control.

You have to take control when it comes to your own surroundings. Not only can you not be sure if agencies are coming to your area to spray, you can’t assume that it will actually find its way to the mosquitoes in your backyard. The range that county fogging trucks reach is usually not far past the street. That’s why you need us, Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas.

Our mosquito barrier spray eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes in your yard and has a time-released formula that continues to work for up to 3 weeks. This also eliminates the need to check county websites and wonder if they will be servicing your area when you feel like you need it.

It puts all the mosquito control in your hands, without you having to lift a finger… except for the one that you use to dial the phone. Do it today!